Midwest-ProductsMidwest Products Co.

Midwest Products is a consumer products company that supplies raw materials, tools and kits to retailers and distributors worldwide in the art material, craft, hobby, education and hardware markets. Since 1952, Midwest Products has exceeded consumers’ expectations with precision-cut balsa, basswood and numerous other hardwood species. In the 1980’s the company diversified into additional raw material categories, such as carbon fiber, foam, cork and various polymers. The company also supplies numerous educational kits to classrooms nationwide primarily focusing on motion and flight applications. More recently, Midwest Products has begun servicing smaller designers and manufacturers with sales, marketing and operational support to deliver their products to the marketplace through Midwest Products’ reliable and extensive distribution system.

Milestones LogoMilestones

Milestones is dedicated to creating unique, personalized crafts kits and components. Whether you are personalizing your lawn or garden with our do-it-yourself Stepping Stone Kits and Accessories, capturing your child’s little handprint with our Handprint Impression Photo Frames and Tins, or creating a mosaic masterpiece with our Amazing Mosaics tesserae and accessories, we hope to bring creativity and fun into your life. Let’s make memories together! Milestones supply its products to retailers and distributors nationwide.

Pikstik-LogoPikStik L.L.C.

PikStik designs and distributes reachers to let you retrieve or put away items safely without undue stretching, bending and straining. Durable, safe and lightweight designs make these the ideal reachers for any purpose. From the living room to outdoor use in ponds, gutters, garden, our sleek contours are made for all those hard to reach places. These universal tools allow you to grab and move in one easy motion. So not only are they hygienic, but also reduce or even eliminate discomfort or wrist injury.

TeleStikBold logoTeleStik ®

TeleStik is the newest addition to the Midwest Products Brands family; bought in late 2014. The TeleStik brand was created by Aaron Fader who designed the TeleStik to help people who suffered from a loss of dexterity and grip strength. TeleStik offers a lightweight, portable reacher with a stainless steel telescoping shaft that enables the user to pick up items weighing up to one pound with three different heads: magnetic, adhesive and hook. The teleStik also includes a soft, slip-resistant PVC foam handle for added comfort. A person can push, pull, drag and lift items they normally could not reach. This product is ideal for people who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and knee problems, or any condition that makes it difficult to reach up high  and/or bend down low. The TeleStik is a person’s answer to making the unreachable, reachable!